Main areas of our focus

Protection of biological diversity

We believe in climate, planting trees is an absolute mission in HWH.

Medical help and prevention

Your health is priceless, and our teams are there to make it even more precious. Take action for your health by visiting one of our Mobile Clinic in your area for a free Consultation.

Natural disaster relief

Helping one another in time of needs, disaster will always hit the ground, no matter what we do. But you're not alone, HWH is there for you all along.

Human rights and education

Education doesn't have to be a bar to your success. We aim to help as many children we can to go back to school. A well educated Community for a better Future.

This is our story

Our vision is to see Haiti has better healthcare, and education systems. HWH ,sees thing in a different ankle, we're looking at thousands people in Haiti, with no access to healthcare, education, and foods. and we're Happy to be able to help.  



We are currently in 2 countries, and expanding to more places possible. Let us know how we can change lives in your community. Be an ambassador for your people.



In less than 6 months, we have successfully completed 8 Medical Projects. And we couldn't do it without your participation. Thank you for caring!



We are so thankful to our 30 Volunteers Who have been working very hard to make these projects possible. 


Current projects

God Almighty with Your grace and love, make me a vessel for Your message, grace and peace. Ensure I maintain forever a nurturing spirit for You soul, whose ultimate rest shall be in your Paradise. Teach me to see beyond the mortal, beyond the ephemeral, and instead my Lord, plunge my sight deep into the truth of Your word and...

Dear God, my prayer is that everything I do will never be done out of ignorance or selfish desire. May I never have any ulterior motives in my actions because I know how this can nullify the very act. May I remember that the importance of all I do is to communicate with you and to ensure that your name is glorified at all times....

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