Volunteer with a Purpose 


No more wondering, it's change time,fun time,giving back time. Christmas is an exciting moment for people around the World, but some of us usually missed the great things that can be done in such season. 

This year HWH will take you to where you want to be,and do the things you've always wanted. 

<<Here is the list of things you will be able to do during this trip>>

I- Participating in our Mobile Clinic 

II-Participating in the activities of our Health Center 

III- Ru#nning 


V- Hiking

VI-A Weekend at Decameron Haiti

2 Weeks Exclusive Package Included:

I-Round Trip Tickets 


III-Breakfast & Lunch

IV-2 nights at Decameron 

V-Travel Fee:$1400 Non-Refundable 

VI-Registration fee:$250 partially refundable 

Helping those in need

Experience Haiti's Cultural heritage while making an impact to those in need.